So, Jared invited me to come up to the Sharpsteen family cabin in Fruitland for the weekend. I love it up there, but this weekend one of jared’s goals was to move a support beam from it’s original location (directly in front of the TV) over a few feet. This daunting task was more than a little nerve racking. Here is us putting up a support beam with a 3 ton jack.

Next, Ed grabbed a sledge hammer, and while I was holding the support beam, he pounded the crap out of it (lucky me!)

Success!, we got that bad boy loose without collapsing the entire cabin.

Then we were able to cut another hole in the carpet, trim a little off the top (the cabin wasn’t built entirely straight) and put in the support beam over a few feet. Now everyone can watch TV without having to look through wood.

Wench, bring my ale, what say you?

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