I roll through the dusty town of Magdalena with the sagebrush. The bluest of December skies penetrate my vision this quiet afternoon.
Looking for food, any sign of life really, but all I see is an old dog slowly raising it’s head then going back to sleep. A few blocks down the road is a sign pointing the way to an historic ghost town, Kelly. I turn and make my way up the trail.

The town once had a population of 3,000 back in the 1800’s, working in the mines gathering zinc carbonate from the green rocks surrounding the entire mountainous area.
The Sherwin -Williams paint company owned the mine, and used the zinc in their paint line. Over $21,000,000 worth of zinc was taken, raping the area until all the zinc was gone.

Between that and the constant Indian attacks on the locals, Kelly was officially abandoned in 1928.

In 2012, two people moved back to Kelly to re-open the area to tourists, history buffs, and explorers.

The world is an interesting place, and worth exploring.

Wench, bring my ale, what say you?

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