In the unincorporated town of Springfield, Wisconsin, there was a coffee shop & bike rental, and a small campground in someones backyard.
Not much else.
 As I park in a dirt alley road, I find one more jewel, the White River State Trail.
The mosquitoes are in full force today, but I shrug off their annoyance and head down the seemingly endless path shaped by the trees. Today is about walking with nature, searching for singing birds and wise woodland creatures.
I come to a road with an old man sitting in an idle car. He beckons me closer, looking for directions.
I help him find his path, and wonder if simple acts of kindness such as this are all it takes to be a decent human.
He easily could be my age, as “old” becomes meaningless at a certain point.
I carry on.
Off in the distance, two sand hill cranes forage in the field. Their sounds give me a moment to pause. I follow a bee from flower to flower as she works hard on the stamen, populating new life.
Five miles of uninterrupted greenery in the unincorporated woods of Wisconsin.

Wench, bring my ale, what say you?

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