He slowly makes his way through the rolling green hills of Wisconsin, humming a tune and admiring the views in the middle of nowhere.
The sign points to turn left.
In the parking lot a threesome of colorful characters weave in front of his car. He smiles and thinks “it must be time to go Phishing.”
Settling in, the man a few seats down leans over and asks…
Where you from?”
“Salt Lake City. You?”
Kentucky. The wife let me come, as this is my forty fifth Phish show.”
“This is my second.”
Well, welcome my man!”
The energy, peace and happiness vibe overtakes the man.
Shoes start tapping uncontrollably, arms sway, hips shake.
He screams the words with the other 25,000 fans as the music crescendo’s….

Wench, bring my ale, what say you?

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