To end the day, I went to experience the nightly ritual of the Mexican Freetail bat. Over 350,000 of these little hairy McNuggets live in the very cave I was in earlier in the day. Each evening, they ALL emerge from the natural entrance of the cave in a counterclock wise cyclone up into the night sky.

Thrilled and admittedly a little frightened, I sat in wonder as these creatures swirled and swooped within a few feet of my head as they headed out into the night sky to feast on pesky insects. The photo above was something i found to give you an idea (no photography or video is allowed as bats have a heightened sense of hearing as thus those items would detract them from returning.)


One Reply to “The Mexican Freetail”

  1. Scott your making me look bad you have all these beautiful pic of the southwest and i post a garden like knowbody has seen one of those before. anyhow your pics are great it looks like you had tons of fun. keep on traveling i love seeing the world through your perspective.

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