Cruising slowly up Belize’s Monkey river is a nice and relaxing way to see some indigenous creatures of Central America, from the expected birds, to the not so expected…..

from the tiny bats we found (pictured above) to colorful turtles, iguanas, and crocodiles, the jungle never disappoints or amazes me. The birds weren’t skittish as we approached, in fact they seemed to patiently pose until we had the perfect shot.

After traveling up river for a time, I was surprised as the boat docked along the muddy shore, and we exited into the jungle. I knew that part of the excursion included searching for black howler monkeys, but I had no idea we would actually be walking around in the jungle to search for them.

We didn’t have to search far. In the mighty trees directly above us, the prehistoric sound reverberated down. A hauntingly King Kong cry came from these creatures, which pierced one’s tortured soul.

Howler monkeys are the third loudest animal on the planet, with only lions and the blue whale being louder.
Families of monkeys were moving quickly through the trees, as us onlookers were trying to get a photo of them while avoiding falling monkey pee and poop.

In addition to the black howler monkeys, the jungle held other surprises for us. Groves of bamboo, deadly tree branches with painful stickers, colorful mushrooms with a poisonous bite ( it would be your last bite), and edible termites.

As we made our way back to the Monkey river entrance, we docked at Monkey River town to have lunch with the locals, which is always a favorite experience of mine.


Wench, bring my ale, what say you?

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