There are several theories about the history of the famed city by the sea, Dubrovnik. Some believe it was founded in the seventh century on a rocky island called Laus, providing shelter for refugees.


Others believe a large settlement was already established when Greek sailors came in the eighth century, conquered, and rebuilt the city.

Regardless, we found ourselves at the top of the mountain upon which the city is built, navigating narrow cobblestone streets with high walls down to the sea.

Flowers blooming everywhere, the salt air wafting in the cool breeze, we aimlessly walk knowing that eventually all streets end up at “The Wall”, our final destination. We take our time though to soak in the beauty of the city.

Grapevines hanging over crumbling walls, fresh bunches of fruit for the picking. Artists painting the scenery before them in vibrant colours.

Beautiful churches seemingly everywhere, saints of stone protecting all passersby with blessings from the grave.

Happy and lost, we find great food and drink down an endless alley, shops and music down another. The vibrant city has found it’s way into every crevice and corner of Dubrovnik.

As a Phoenix rising from the fire, the Great Wall of Dubrovnik is before us, the Adriatic waves pounding against the stone fixture. The initial scene is an oil painting of surreality, and I soak it all in before entering the old city……

but the Wall itself is a story for another day.

Wench, bring my ale, what say you?

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