Blending as perfectly as cream with coffee, the Bright Angel trail ends and the Transept trail begins. Along the rim I commence, noticing the many jagged outcropping of rocks that jettison from the edge into the big empty of space.
I am willed by an unknown force to venture out as far as I dare.
I climb to the top, ever so slowly, as the the vertical drop on either side becomes more threatening. The thrill leaves me breathless. I find a nice bench in which to rest for a spell before continuing. The old wood speaks to me as I caress the tree rings.
I find my adventurous spirit roaring to push my limits of comfort after a rest. The next outcrop is only a foot wide, maybe two. I rise to the occasion.
A few more miles into the hike and a perfectly flat rock is just begging to have my legs dangle from its edge. As I do so, crows above dive bomb each other in playful fashion, and a curious creature known as a Kaibob squirrel shows it’s own adventuresome spirit as he inches closer and closer to me.

I strap on my aviator goggles and lean back against a smooth stone. I am no longer in a bog of  aeroacrophobia.

I am free on the edge of a ledge.

Wench, bring my ale, what say you?

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