The Petrified Forest

I leave Holbrook as the sun is rising, which means its around 5 a.m.

The Petrified Forest is all mine.

Right behind the closed Visitors Center are trails where you can see a high concentration of colorful petrified wood of all shapes and sizes. I meditate perched on stones, overlooking the expansive desert plain before me. A single crow caws loudly, breaking the silence.

Meandering down the road a bit, I find another trail, Jim Camp Wash, which looks inviting, if for no other reason than it will take me away from other early arrivals starting to explore the Petrified Forest around the Visitors Center. Away I go….

And so the day continues….

Find a trail, disappear into the wilderness, explore, return, repeat…..

I end the day back at the entrance to the Blue Mesa. I decide to bike the length of the road this time around, and surprisingly find that my body does not struggle with the distance nor the incline.

In fact, it frees the pain in my lower back, as well as clears the stress that was clouding my thoughts.

I emerge from the Petrified Forest feeling renewed as only time spent outdoors can do for my spirit.

Wench, bring my ale, what say you?

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