Trails that sparkle in morning’s first light get my motor running unlike anything else.
The day before, I’d seen the small outline of the infamous Phantom Ship from the western slopes of Crater Lake. It’s haunting form beckoned for a closer look. Starting early on this fine autumn morning I searched the eastern cliffs for a closer view.
Peering over the edge, just beyond the brush the tree’s cleared for a view of the Phantom Ship. Silently floating upon the calm waters she rests.
It was all that I hoped for on this bright, blue sky morning.
After sitting for a spell in the sun, I head back down the trail. I find an old tree uprooted by the wind. I can feel the sad death in it’s branches, and the feeling pulls me in. I go closer to touch the dead roots of the ancient wooden being.
I pay my respects in silence, then quietly slip away.

Wench, bring my ale, what say you?

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