A few short miles off the main road that goes through Pagosa Springs one finds themselves in the midst of endless snowy fields with the San Juan mountains in the background.
Going off an old topographical map, I park near to where I believe the trail head begins, strap on my snowshoes, and forage my way up the mountain.
The Piedra river is initially far below me as I trek across the mountain side, but after a couple of miles I start a slow descent into a canyon that brings me close to the water.
You can catch glimpses of fast moving river otters as they pop up in the places where the ice has melted away in the wintry sun.
It appears before me and at first I think my eyes are playing tricks on me.
“Can it be real?”
I make my way down to the rivers edge, and find myself standing next to the great frozen waterfall. I run my hands upon the ice and feel Nature’s power trapped and silently, patiently, waiting for that Spring day that will release Winter’s grip.
The rest of the hike was carried out in a peaceful slumber, a mountainous trance that gripped my senses and wouldn’t let go.

Wench, bring my ale, what say you?

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