Rising early in the morning, we head out from the capital of Zagreb to the first place on our list of must-sees in Croatia, Plitvice Lakes National Park , the oldest national park in southeastern Europe. Pictures of the park were in the airport, which whet my desire to explore. After making our way up the mountainous countryside over a few hours time , we arrived.
You have many route choices to see the park, hiking trails galore. Having only one day, we decided to take a tram to the top of the park, and then hike down the mountains past all sixteen lakes. It was a wise decision.
The waters here are all interconnected, and as they flow downstream, limestone and chalk create natural traverine dam barriers lending to incredible natural waterfalls. The turquoise water is so clear that everything in the lakes is visible.
Our route was such that the scenery just kept getting better as we went, my jaw dropping around every turn…
We find some of the lakes to be so large that ferry boats offer rides across if one chooses not to walk around the lakeshore. It is a spectacular way to rest for a few and see the park from a new perspective.
The park also has a few surprises like an immense cave to explore, and canyon views that leave you gasping.
Flora and fauna also captivate the senses while one is taking a rest from hiking.
After nearly hiking for five hours, our day had come to a sad end. Wishing we could stay longer, but with more of Croatia waiting to be explored, we leave to our next destination. The cherished memories though are forever stained upon us.

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