The return to the cabins

The bus quietly pulls in front of the Denali cabins, I unload my gear and say my final good bye to the driver. Soon I am left standing all alone.

It is too early to check in, so I head over to the restaurant to catch up on some work and warm my bones with some tomato soup.

After a couple of hours tick on by, I get into my cabin for the last time. I take my shoes off, and marvel at the wear and tear I’ve put on them during my time here in Alaska.

I climb under the mounds of blankets as the heater groans to life. I fall asleep early under a clear arctic sky.

Rising with the morning sun, I get my coffee to go and start the car’s engine. The frost is thick on the windshield.

The time has come to make the long journey back to Anchorage.

Wench, bring my ale, what say you?

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