I exit the Boynton Canyon Vortex and decide to try, once again, to find the infamous Robber’s Roost cave that is somewhere in these Red rocks. Off trail I go, wandering through the Red Rock wilderness, yet the cave eludes me once again. No wonder robbers used this place as a hideout from the law.

Mid-Afternoon rolls around, and I head to my humble abode for the evening, a place called The Sanctuary at Sacred Mesa. Lonely dirt trails take me to a gated ranch way out in the high desert. Far from everything except solitude. I find three tiny homes evenly spaced out below the main house on the property. I’m in tiny house number two.

I find out that this place is run by a massage therapist, focusing on holistic approaches to health. You can order home cooked meals, get all kinds of different massages, as well as different yoga and meditation classes. I just needed a place to sleep for the night though. I enjoy the outdoor claw tub, watching large cats lazily move across the yard as horses in the corral right behind me whinny and snort as evening approaches.

The sun sets and lights the entire area in soft pink and orange colors. Night comes and the galaxy truly put on a spectacular show. My mind finds comfort in the billions of possibilities that can be found in the Universe above. Can the actions of one single person truly matter or have any real consequence in the grand scheme of Nature?

Despair may set in if one accepts that reality, but I find the truth more satisfying. I sleep better knowing that I don’t really matter.

Wench, bring my ale, what say you?

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