As part of Build.Create. Kenya’s 2013 St. Winners project, we really wanted to beautify the school. Limited funds though meant we needed to get creative with the supplies and money we had, and I was so proud of the ideas we came up with as a team for the schools.

Who doesn’t enjoy flowers and plants? Most of us take for granted the simplicity of these, but in the Nairobi slums, it is rare to see plants and flowers. We built planter boxes for the school to enjoy and for the kids to learn how to care and nurture for them.

Anyone can appreciate having their own toilet, especially parents with children or teachers with students. BCK was thrilled to be able to complete a separate toilet just for the teachers at St. Winners, as well as paint the doors for all three toilets, put locks on all the doors, and clean the entire area in general.

We added a little color to the school by painting an alphabet wall.

With our last bit of leftover timber, we constructed a little table and bench in the library for the pre-unit youngsters.

Little ideas from ordinary people wanting to serve others, knowing that if even one life is changed, it is all worth the while.

Wench, bring my ale, what say you?

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