So it’s becoming official. Jared, Emily, Shauna, and Ed are starting their own cleaning franchise. I am so excited for them, and all the opportunities it holds. Today, myself, Aaron, Pa, and Jared worked on setting up desks for their new office.

Sydney was excited to help out and build desks, especially the office that she and Cedar get as their very own so they can do homework, watch movies, stay out of everyone’s way…..
This desk came with no instructions, and I know my own limitations, and just watched those much more qualified ( Pa, Jared, and Aaron) try to figure it out. Once they did though, worker bee Scottums jumped in where needed.
Cedar found out that when all the adults are hard at work, he can pretty much do what ever he wants, including helping himself to Diet Pepsi ( yeah I took the pic before I told him to not drink it, but hey, I’m the uncle…)
After several hours of hard work, the office really came together, and Emily came after work in her Halloween costume & brought us pizza to say thanks.

Wench, bring my ale, what say you?

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