So this year I decided to get back into Halloween after taking a hiatus for the past several years. The comeback had mainly to due with the University of Utah football game being on halloween night, and it was also the “blackout”game. I’ve always thought that it looked like fun seeing people dressed up at sporting events on TV, and so I came up with the idea for Jared and I to go in costumes. It was awesome! the crowd around us loved our costumes, and we had fun acting like we were 10 years old ( insert your own joke here…) Shauna, Jared’s monster-in-law (J/K!), got into the spirit and joined us with a costume as well. I made this short little video of the day, but be forewarned that i used a soundtrack from the classic 90’s movie The Wedding singer, and if you are easily offended by
curse words….. Enjoy!

Wench, bring my ale, what say you?

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