I find a last minute flight down to Las Vegas, wondering about the fifteen hours I’ll spend in Sin City. Family comes first, as they say, and so I arrive to support my niece during her National Cheer dance competition.

She’s nine. I tell her to just have fun and not focus on winning. I don’t think my advice was well received, at least not at her age.

I promise to take her out for the evening to celebrate her successes, and we head over to the Mandalay Bay hotel and casino for dinner, to be followed by the Shark Reef Aquarium they have there.

The chance to connect with nature.

As soon as my brother and I see the Aureole restaurant, we know it is where to indulge and dine. Thousands of bottles of wine are on display in a clear case going up three stories in the center of the dining area, with dark lighting and glowing candles on each table creating the perfect atmosphere.

Our palettes savour butternut squash ravioli with duck, melt in your mouth scallops, perfectly grilled glazed pork chops, and wild salmon cooked in cranberry sauce.

The kids had a NY sirloin and fries. The staff was more than accommodating.

With a full belly and a slight buzz, we head to the aquarium. Watching sea creatures move in the water is its own symphony of nature, and we are all enthralled with the display.

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Wench, bring my ale, what say you?

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