The day after the Incident was coming to an end. Little Giants in the morning, Jane, Joseph, & Eunice after that, and the story of the desks had all impacted me greatly in their own way. Our last stop was to the Eternal Hope Children’s Home. Oprah Ouma, someone whom I’d met briefly in past years, runs this school/orphanage. We went to take her books and other school supplies, but found that all she currently had to house them was a dark room with four bare walls. Our crew went to work….

From putting up and stocking the shelves with reading books, to adding colour to the walls with artwork and signs so that it looked like something one would find in any other library, World of Difference quickly turned a dark and empty room into a wonderful place of learning for Oprah’s students.
I’ll never forget the joy on those children’s faces, and the purest sincerity in Oprah’s voice as she thanked us from the bottom of her huge heart.

For me, I knew it was I that was thankful, and although Eternal Hope didn’t know of the impact their gratitude had on me, it was truly an amazing end to one of the best days I’ve had in Kenya.

As I think back to that day now, seeing the pictures and video of team members, it fills me with an indescribable emotion. From the look of joy on Master P’s face while dancing, to Ki, Heather, Nan, and Jill’s faces ( and all the others) when the library was finished, it is a moment that will stay close to my heart forever.
I know that at the beginning of the day, I only saw the crescent, but by the end, I saw the Whole of the Moon.

Wench, bring my ale, what say you?

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