Saturday, May 11th, was the 2008 Race for the Cure fundraiser for Breast Cancer research. The turnout was awesome, over 17,000 people at the Gateway. I was proud of myself for completing the 5K in about 34 minutes, with only walking two blocks. Aaron, Darin, and Mom and Pop also attended. We all took the new Frontrunner train to downtown, then rode UTA’s tracks commuter rail to the Gateway. I’m thrilled to see Utah becoming a more ‘Green’ aware State, and this type of travel is a sweet and environmentally friendly way to get around.

Next thing each community needs to push is having their local governments provide free recycling programs as part of their weekly trash pick up. We pay taxes, and this service should not cost extra. Promote this idea in your local cities and towns!

Back to the Race for the Cure…my work decided a couple of weeks ago to start a ‘Biggest loser’ program. ( I guess the boss thought he was getting too fat). In their usual bass-ackwards way of thinking, they didn’t do this program based on a person’s BMI, so that most of us have no chance to win the money they are offering. Maybe the ‘Biggest Loser’ is the person who came up with the dumbass idea.
Anyway, trying to be positive and get this Company to actually do some good for the community and not just be a selfish, serve serving, bunch of hypocrites, I suggested that they offer the employee’s to donate to the Race for the Cure. Each employee would pay the $25 registration fee, and then the company would reimburse them. Good idea, eh? Donate to a worthy cause, get some exercise, and get the company to pay for it?

So I asked payroll how many people had donated, and, including myself, their was a total of ONE person, me , that did this. Unbelievable!

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