My memories are like pebbles tossed into a lake, rippling the watery recesses of my mind
breaking up the silence within
Driving with her by my side, a glimmer in my eye as she puts her hands out the sunroof
and tells me that the wind feels special between her fingers.
I share stories of past experiences with her, as she sits with eager anticipation.
As I watch my brother grow as a husband and father
I wonder
does he feel himself changing?
I do.
With no children to call my own
it’s easy to savor small moments with little ones.
The glint in his eye as he looks up to me and points to the sparkles in the sky
and then, moments later
I look down to see him snuggled to my chest, eyes closed
the sparkles are now his own memories.

2 Replies to “Thoughts while on the water”

  1. Thanks EW. I want you to know that I feel the same way about being friends if circumstances were different, but in a way, I also feel that we already are. and that is something i hold dear.

    thanks again for selecting me, i wrote my first post. Although i'm afraid that my posts will hurt some, they are things I need to express, and you have pushed me in that direction.

    keep up your great writing.

  2. I see that you like playing with the colours of photos like I do.

    Dont fret about the challenge! It can be just a list of 7 things you love, no need to go as far as I did.

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