It has been a few weeks since I fell and fractured my elbow, and the healing process has been slow and painful. I find that upon arriving in Oakland that my mind and body just aren’t up to seeing the concert I had a ticket for, and so I forego seeing John Butler Trio for their final show of the 2018 tour.

I just take some time to wander around Oakland.

I find comfort in Indian curry as I people watch from the large street side restaurant windows. I’m saddened by the fact that my time of constant travel and exploration is coming to an end. Perhaps my poor health is an indicator that times are a changin’.

I find a hidden canyon amongst the urban neighborhoods above downtown. A tree swing looks inviting, yet as soon as I try to swing the pain in my arm screams for me to stop.

Age is slowing the healing process. I perhaps will never be the person I was before the fall.

I head downtown on Sunday morning to stroll around the lake. I find a homeless camp that makes me cry, yet the joggers around me just carry on. I’m not sure anymore if people are oblivious or just wrapped up in their own lives to care.

Does it really matter? People are still suffering regardless of how those around them feel.

I leave the city and head out to the coast, Stinson Beach to be precise. A sign says that this is the perfect place to watch kite surfers battle with great white sharks.

The wind is so strong all I see are grains of sand whipping around like a confused snake. I look up and see a person walking along the ocean, seemingly looking for a place in the ocean waves to enter and disappear.

Sometimes all I see is sadness in this world.

Wench, bring my ale, what say you?

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