The Biltmore grounds…

“This is hallowed, sacred land.”

From the moment I passed through the large stone gate and onto the Biltmore Estate, I knew I was somewhere uniquely special. Autumn was only a stone’s throw away, the leaves just starting to turn colors before dying. Farmer’s fields were showing the last of a bountiful harvest. I joyfully took my time walking around, kicking up fallen leaves as I went. I may have even been whistling.

The sun was still strong enough to warm my bare skin, and the recent rains had the rolling hills covered in radiant green.

Nature’s green.

Know what I mean?

I get to see, close up, the Biltmore house for the first time. The architecture. The stone gargoyles. The fountains and the gardens. I can’t wait to enter, but that will happen later. For now, I only walk the hallowed grounds of the Biltmore.

I find the peace I have been looking for, the State of Mind that I always long to be in, my happy place in this world.

Wench, bring my ale, what say you?

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