Last winter I found myself driving through the wildness of Colorado’s Rocky Mountains, and came across a small town called Leadville.
I made a mental note of the name, as the desire inside me to return was undeniable. The beauty and charm here needed to be felt more completely.
Nicknamed “two mile high city” due to being a mile higher in elevation than Denver, you could feel the impressive height while sipping a dark libation, or even just walking around exploring.
The hiking I did pushed my body to it’s limits, and I reveled in that.
Weather in the high country is predictably unpredictable, with rain, snow and sunshine all making an appearance. As long as you are prepared for anything, you’ll survive, just as the locals here have done for years.
Back alley charm, street food trucks, cowboys and hippies.
Leadville has it all.

Wench, bring my ale, what say you?

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