U2 360 tour in the SLC (finally)

So it finally happened on May 24th, 2011. After waiting two years from when I purchased the tickets, U2 made it up to Rice-Eccles stadium at the University of Utah for their 360 tour.

I was pumped.

Music has always had a big impact in my life. I associate songs, albums, and artists with events going on in my own life. Since U2 has been around almost as long as I have, their impact on me is a story all it’s own.

War (1983) : This album has songs that first introduced me to the band, although it is not their first album. I was only thirteen at the time I first heard ‘Sunday Bloody Sunday” on the alternative radio, but with only one listen, I knew this was my type of music.

The Unforgettable Fire ( 1984) : I didn’t hear nor appreciate this album until 1988, and that was because a lovely little red head named Kristi had my heart, and this was her favourite album. The love for her didn’t last, but the album is a classic.

The Joshua Tree (1987) : Really, what more can I say about this ground breaking album? I just got my drivers license, my first car, an old Ford Pinto that Dad and I fixed up together, put in a tape player with some kick ass speakers, and popped in this album. Nerds unite.

Rattle and Hum (1988) : I had just moved out of my parent’s place, and this was the first movie I went and saw after I moved in. I felt so adult. I also watched this movie again with friends ( the aforementioned Kristi, among others) and tried to make out with her, but kept striking out. That was OK though, as I really would rather watch The Edge play guitar anytime….

Achtung Baby (1991) : This album was with me for a tumultuous time in my life. Breakup’s, job loss, financial ruin, lost friends, but this album was always there for me.

Pop (1997) : Good times, bad times. Living with my brother, hanging out with friends, skin painting parties, dealing with the police, fighting ex-husbands, this year had it all.

All that you can’t leave behind (2000) : It’s ironic that this album’s title was the start of a new chapter for me. Getting back with an old girlfriend and her three children, trying to make a life for all of us. It meant changing my life and doing a complete 180. When that didn’t work out and I lost my job, I ending up moving out of State for new employment, leaving all my friends and family behind.

How to dismantle an Atomic Bomb (2004) : I had just moved back home earlier this year, having proved myself to the company I was with. I was re-establishing myself back into the lives of all those I left behind. I felt like an Atomic Bomb most of the time.

No line on the Horizon (2009) :  After many years of hard work and dedication to improving my life, I felt like 2009 was the year that things changed. I equate this album to that kind of change.

So when the show started , I got my groove on, remembered the past, and looked forward to the future with joy, and an open heart and mind.



  1. I completely agree. Any group of individuals that can stay together for such longevity and still be so creative will be fans of mine.

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