Memorial Day weekend is upon us. Time to get out of the heat and up into the White Mountains of Eastern Arizona. I head back to my new favorite summer location, the unincorporated township of Greer.

I have only one hiking goal for the long weekend. Other than that, I just enjoy sitting in the cool forest air on a porch swing.

Day drinking beers as squirrels dart to and fro. Walking to and from the surging little colorado river, spotting elk and deer along the way.

With very little light pollution, I continue to try and get better at night time lapses. My obsession with the galaxy above has me dreaming of capturing the existence of life in the great beyond.

I don’t get that, but I do end up with my best captures yet of the Milky Way, which still feels otherworldly to me.

I’m satisfied.

Wench, bring my ale, what say you?

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