Uptown Underground

It was my last-ditch effort to see if Sea Bee was interested at all in still hanging out with me. I told her if she would get the drugs, I would buy the tickets for a couple of cabaret shows at Chicago’s Uptown Underground.
 It would be my first time ever attending something like this. I wouldn’t consider myself a prude, it’s just not usually my cup of tea. Sea Bee however is all about sex, in fact it rules her world.

After she told me about her dating someone early this evening, I was ready to escape reality with a night of acrobatics and sexy silliness. Uptown underground delivered in fine form.
 From hanging out with Bubbles on the first night, to drinking White Russians on night two while almost peeing my pants from laughter, the Uptown Underground is classy, sexy and raunchy, and a fun place of great entertainment as long as one doesn’t have a stick jammed too far up one’s arse. (unless that’s your thing).


Wench, bring my ale, what say you?

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