Big Bend Hot Springs

Dredlocks wearing Patty tells me about a place in the National Park that you can hike to enjoy a natural hot springs soak. “It’s a little off the main road, but don’t let that deter you…”
┬áI don’t recall that their was even a sign on the main road, just a dirt path detour that jetted off into the desert. I lumbered on down, hoping I was heading in the right direction, as everything looks the same upon first glance out here.

I start hiking and soon see the signs pointing the way to the hot springs. Soon I hear the Rio Grande river, next thing I know I find a throng of people and a pile of clothes and shoes in the dirt.

I’ve arrived.
 Rising from the heat of the Earth below, the hot springs are at a perfect temperature on this December day. I relax in the soothing mineral waters, dipping my toes into the cold river occasionally.

Across the river, in Mexico, I hear the rustling of the thrushes along the rivers edge, then see a group of wild horses make their way down for a drink.

After getting my fill of relaxation, I dry off and continue hiking along the loop trail, taking in the otherworldly scenery of this place.

Just another day in the life I suppose, but Oh what a glorious day it was.

Wench, bring my ale, what say you?

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