The gringo shuffles his boots slowly along the boardwalk, waiting for the sun to rise. The ocean waves of Ventura are his ever constant companion.
He finds a quiet spot underneath the pier to sit and listen to the music the waves make as they cascade across the smooth stones on the beach.
He remembers hearing this music before, in Lima, in another life time.
The sadness seems to play a little more loudly this day, and he wonders if his time has come.
Not a bad way to go, the gringo ponders as his toes get soaked in the rising tide. He takes a step closer before seeing a squirrel on a rock watching him.
The squirrel speaks to him, “Today is not your day for banana fish“.
He supposes not, and heeds the wise words of the squirrel and continues to listen to the ocean’s music before carrying on through another day.

Wench, bring my ale, what say you?

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