Verde District Dairy

The dairy itself is almost 100 years old, slinging milk around to customers in the Verde Valley over the last century. Built by one of the original settlers of this land, the place is now available to rent as an AirBnB for those to enjoy the historic building next to the Verde river, surrounding by country charm.

For the long Labor Day weekend, this would be the perfect base camp for the adventures I hoped to enjoy over the next few days. Cooler temperatures were to be found here in the Verde Valley, with green pastures full of dairy cows, vineyards full of grapes ready for picking, even a makeshift tree swing that allowed for childhood memories to flood back into my mind as I watched the night skies come alive.

Inside the dairy cottage itself were all the modern conveniences, stunning architecture and decor that made one feel right at home.

Follow the dirt road behind the cottage and one could fish in the Verde River. The sun cast soft light from morning until night, catching sprinkles of dust that would sparkle with the sunrise, and start the symphony of chickadees each evening.

I think that I’ve finally accepted the fact that this decade my experiences will be more about the places I find over the adventures I do.

I think I’ll be fine with that…..

Wench, bring my ale, what say you?

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