After a lovely breakfast at Huntercrook, my hosts let me know of a path through the countryside of Bardon Mill that will take me close to the entrance of Vindolanda.

They offered to drive me, but I politely decline. I’ve come this far on foot, why not continue? I delight in the quiet morning air as I take my time passing livestock and thatch roofed houses.

Arriving to the entrance of Vindolanda, I see the excavation sites of Roman military bath houses, turrets and old wooden writing tablets. Being just South of Hadrian’s Wall, this area pre-dated the wall, occupied from roughly 85 A.D. to 370 A.D.

Continuing on, I find a museum hidden down by a creek with more Roman artifacts. Peace and calm flood my senses as I take in the history of this place.

With Vindolanda currently being only twenty four percent excavated, it very much is an area still waiting to be unearthed and discovered.

It fills my morning, and is the perfect start of my rest day out here in Northumberland.

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