Nothing can heal your body and mind quite like the natural earth. The rising steam from a volcano and the mud that churns from deep within the bowels of our planet are filled with mystical powers of herbal medicines.
You only need to believe.
I reach deep into the cold mud and slowly lather it over my entire body until I am camouflaged in darkness. The monkey gods that swing in the tree branches above scream out gleefully as they see this dark Neanderthal lumber through the forest.
I stand still and listen to the mud dry and crackle on my skin as the steam tickles my nostrils. I feel the poisons of our modern world seep out my pores and die on the jungle floor.
I wash the dried mud off my body, submerse in a hot mineral pool for a spell, then go back and complete the ritual over and over again until I become new.

Wench, bring my ale, what say you?

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