The cobblestone streets of Prague twist and turn every which way, and even with a map, anyone that doesn’t speak Czech can be easily lost.

This may be disconcerting to many, but with beauty at every turn, I didn’t really mind. I like being surprised around every turn, wondering what I may stumble upon.

Such was how I found Wenceslas Square in New Town Prague. With a striking figure upon a horse at  the top of the Square, I learn that it is a statue of King Wenceslas himself, (murdered a thousand years ago by his brother) a Czech national hero.

One can stand where Soviet tanks once rumbled into the Square to instill Communism into the people, view architectural cubism in the modern buildings, marvel at the National Museum.

I find all of this and more while wandering, probably my favourite and most thrilling part of solo travel.

Wench, bring my ale, what say you?

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