I rise slowly from the comfort of a twin mattress bed, the night is just starting to show signs of reprieve. Legs are slow to respond to movement, and for a brief second I want forego another hike.

Somewhere deep inside me, where cells interlink with cells that interlink to a human nature that has been a part of me since time began. At least since the time of humans that rose from the dirt to walk on two legs and roam upon the land.

It is that innate nature of movement that drives me to continue along another trail today. I vanquish the need to conquer any set speed or distance. Akin to the hunter-gatherers before me, and the great migrations of our ancestors, I move because that is what this body is designed to do.

I am not alone. Although others may not directly feel this connection to our past ancestors, I know others are out there that long for the open road, the path or trail not taken, the freedom of being alone in the wilderness.

All things are connected over time and space in this continuum we call life.

Wench, bring my ale, what say you?

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