Slowly one enters the former Town Hall encampment that housed the Jewish prisoners of Terezin during World War Two. The building now holds only memories; clothing, artwork, pictures…all that remains from those lost to the Holocaust.

A replicate of a room that would have housed close to one hundred people is shown in exquisite, painful detail. The words ring over and over in your head “all one’s possessions are in a single suitcase”.

As you move past the stories of those that were here, paintings from the artists at Terezin showcase the horrible living conditions. I can not imagine painting my own demise, writing my final chapter.

A Jewish family, two children and their parents, solemnly pass by the artwork of the lost. I hear the wife utter these words to her husband,

“We will never know what the world could have been, what contributions have been forever lost….”

Wench, bring my ale, what say you?

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