It wasn’t even eight a.m. yet.

Cruising down the Costa Rican highway with my driver, a nice enough man that spoke enough English for us to discuss his country and way of life. We go his house to check on his ailing father and to make sure his wife and kids are ok.

He mentions that we will be arriving early to our destination, and if it’s ok, we have time to stop off at a local hangout.

I’m all in for that.

We exit the highway and follow a dirt road for almost a mile until we come to an almost empty parking lot, save for a couple people setting up shops to sell local wares.

We start hiking down, and as we get closer, I can hear the laughter of children and the morning bustle of families getting ready for the day.

Then the waterfall comes into view.

Picnic tables lined with food for the day, children splashing in the water, women preparing breakfast as the men clean up campsites from the previous night sleep.

I thank my lucky stars to be able to catch a glimpse of local life in Pura Vida.

Wench, bring my ale, what say you?

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