I hear the argument all the time about how social media is ruining everything, but I find that in many instances, social media is a wonderful tool.

Today for example, just checking in with Facebook, and I see a picture, a very familiar picture, one that I took while in Kenya last year with Build.Create.Kenya.

 We were at GateHill looking for future projects. The children, as is customary, performed songs, danced, and some of the girls even put on a fashion show. I was just clicking happily away, loving my time with the Kenyan people in the poorest of Nairobi slums.

The following caption under this picture read :

Winnie had lost her father just a few months down the line when this photo was taken.she had not managed a smile till she shared a tradition dance with visiting BUILD.CREATE. KENYA friends.”

I had no idea of the impact we had until today, but that is the difference just ONE person can make in another persons life.

If you would like to change the world for the better, make a positive impact in the life of another, and in turn, change your OWN life, please check out Build.Create.Kenya. 

2 Replies to “Winnie”

  1. I just got so teary reading this Scott, thank you so much for sharing. Can't wait to be back there with you in just FOUR MONTHS – AHHHHHH!!!!

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