form of ___________?
I wonder if anyone other than my brother Jared knows what I’m talking about…..
Last night after dinner, Sydney ( with Aunt Janae’s patient guidance) made each family member these very creative spring flowers.


I got this weird hair-brained idea to wrap them around my finger and pretend it was a ring. When I saw how it looked on my hand, flashbacks of Saturday morning cartoon watching with Jared were suddenly streaming into my brain, and I lunged out my arm, shouting “Wonder Twins activate!!!”.

 I’m so demented.
But Jared, in perfect brother form, puts his arm out, fist bumps my hand, and shouts “form of …!!” and then we both came up with lame things to be.
We laughed and laughed, then polled everyone else there to see if they knew what we were talking about.
None one did.
So I knew that in order for them to be informed, I must blog about this, with a link for them to learn more :
I feel better. After all that, c-bug wanted to wear his flowers, so i thought I’d help him out.

And of course he wants you’ll  to notice his new ‘mohawk’.

Wench, bring my ale, what say you?

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