So i finally got my fishing boat. Uncle Gene gave this to me as he wanted to keep it in the family. I’m pretty sure he will never read this blog since the reason he gave me the boat was because he wouldn’t pay the entrance fee’s that Utah has for their State parks and lakes (which i’m guessing means he probably doesn’t pay for Internet…and he is probably on the same wavelength as my other uncle and believes that the internet is just another way for the government to monitor you, but that discussion is for another time…)

But just the same I wanted to tell him THANK YOU VERY MUCH!!!!!!!! I love it and will try to take as good of care of it as he did.

It’s a 1959 Dorset (i think) that came with down riggers, trolling equip, fishing poles, net, etc…
I got it registered today, and can’t wait to take it out onto the lake next weekend when we have our Family Reunion.

Wench, bring my ale, what say you?

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