So this last weekend i went up to Strawberry with Jared and Emily while the parents tended their grandkids. Got a late start leaving Friday night, and didn’t make it up to the cabin until almost 11pm. When we got there, Shauna and Ed were just hanging out, and although we were tired, no one could fall right to bed. Luckily, Jared and Em brought their new Wii they just got, so we decided to break it out. next thing we know it’s almost 2am and with early fishing to be had in the morn, we called it a night.

Saturday we are up bright and early and eventually on the lake with poles in the water. Because of the Fish and Game’s crazy rule’s regarding the size of trout you can keep, it was a tough day fishing. (we also didn’t have a net so bringing in the big one, namely mine, was impossible and thus it got away. but everyone saw my massive fish!)

So with fishing being lame, jared and I decided to do a little wakeboarding. it was a picture perfect day on the water until we put on the wakeboard. Wind and waves seemed to come out of nowhere, making it extremely difficult for us to do anything (me more then jared, of course)

Emily doing a great job behind the wheel
Shouldn’t you being looking forward when driving?
Jared getting his rubbers on to go boarding. Doesn’t that water look calm?
Beautiful day at Strawberry (before the wind)

That night we had a chinese buffet put together by Emily and her Mom. most delicious. Chicken lettuce wraps, pot stickers, crab wontons, egg rolls, and Mandarin apple cake for dessert (to celebrate the Beijing Olympics). After dinner we went over to our friends cabin. The ladies there seriously wanted to dance, which presented a little problem for Jared and I as WE DO NOT DANCE. After persistently begging though, i decided to give them a show. We were in their newly built Saloon behind their cabin which has a nice wood bar. if they wanted dancing, i’d give it to them, and so i climbed up on the bar and did the Pee Wee herman dance (remember the biker scene near the end of his classic 80’s movie?)

it was awesome and everyone had a good laugh. someone has pic’s of it on their phone, and i’m sure it will show up the on the internet somewhere.

Sunday was full of helping Grandpa Leo move furniture and rip out his old carpet, and putting together a canopy over the deck of the cabin (done entirely by Ed, thanks!)

Good Times!

Wench, bring my ale, what say you?

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