Yellow in the Rocky Mountains

The color yellow is quickly filling the Rocky Mountain landscape. It matches my mood on this Autumn day in October as I find myself going on a drive up a canyon without a set purpose.

I find the ghost town of Winfield and a smattering of cabins, which is all that remains of this once vibrant silver mining area. Deer pay me no attention as they scour for a meal amongst the dead leaves. A spider floats by me in the wind.

I feel haunted, cursed even by events of late. People wonder why I am so mean. I ask the Great Mother for understanding, and look into myself for some truth to these accusations.

She is silent, and with that a calm comes over me that reminds my spirit to stay true to myself.

People will talk, but you know your true place.

Your true nature.

For better or worse, stay true.

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Wench, bring my ale, what say you?

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