One can see the outline of the Colorado river from the forest of green trees that cut through the harsh desert. An aquatic oasis that mocks those held behind the steel bars of the Yuma Territorial Prison.Murderous women, Mormon polygamists, train robbers and thieves. Society’s most vile and wretched scum are found in the history here.
Under piles of grave marker stones.All of us have evil inside, yet we lock it away deep down in our nature, hoping it will never rise to the light of day.
When it escapes to the surface and reveals the ugly, it’s the last light you may see. Time for the dark cell.Put yourself behind the bars, just for a moment. Locked in a cage like a wild animal. Picture your last glimpses of life in a sweat box of hell.It may help keep you from unleashing the evil inside.
Or you may feel a bit more comfortable locked away.

Wench, bring my ale, what say you?

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