We were a few days into our 2014 Build.Create.Kenya expedition when we found ourselves taking the team to Ken’s home. It was exciting for those of us that were here last year to see the fruits of Sena’s labor.

We couldn’t wait to see the girls that Ken supports, his beautiful family, and to enjoy some peace and tranquility in his home away from the Nairobi slums.

With it being the year of the World Cup, the girls were thrilled to play some “football” with the soccer balls we brought.

When we were done playing, one of the team members asked our volunteer Zach to show the girls his arm. I’m not the best at remembering details, but as I recall, Zach had somehow acquired a flesh eating bacteria when he was younger that required the doctors to remove a large portion of muscle out of his right arm, then graft skin from his leg to cover what was removed.

Zach is one amazing young man and athlete, being keenly interested in Lacrosse. The result of what he had to go through left him with quite a unique physical gift in his arm.

What I love most about this was Zach’s willingness to share this story with the girls, their reaction, and the realization of the connectedness all human beings have to each other when we share our more personal and heartfelt selves.

It, at it’s most basic core, is what Build.Create.Kenya is all about.

P.S. What Master P is saying at the end of this clip is “Isaac ( our good friend, school headmaster, and driver during our expedition) is wondering if Zach’s arm will burst….”


Wench, bring my ale, what say you?

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