We arrived to the Victoria Falls area around mid-morning, while the day was still cool and hopefully before the place became too crowded. We found our first trail and we all were just taking our time, absorbing our surroundings.

When we saw the bridge that connects Zambia to Zimbabwe, I got my first look at the immensity of Batoka Gorge, and what people that are crazy enough to bungee jump off the bridge get to experience. We didn’t see a way for our trail to get to the bridge however. Luckily a man on the other side of the fence instructs us on what to do…

” Go back out, go through customs, and then follow the road….”

Next thing I know my heart is pounding uncontrollably with excitement. P and I are having gear strapped on to our bodies as we get ready to zipline across the Batoka Gorge, going from Zambia to Zimbabwe.

P was more nervous than I, as she has motion sickness, and the thought of losing her breakfast was stressing her out. I encouraged her to go first, and tried to calm her down by explaining how the GoPro would work as she was going through her final preparations before it was her turn to fly.

Next thing I hear are undeniable screams of joy!

My turn is here. My junk gets all scrunched up in the harness, but I forget about the small discomfort as I settle in, and get ready feel the mist from the Falls as I soar over Batoka Gorge.

It was so invigorating, so refreshing, so “in the moment”.

I’m alive.

Wench, bring my ale, what say you?

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