One hundred and twenty hours in, no revelations thus far. You may recall from a previous story telling that I had mentioned about a big life change. In this world of a dismal economy, I quit my employment of the last nine years.
I now have the freedom to stay up late, brush the dust off books that must have thought they’d been long forgotten, address the nooks and crannies in my life that need personal attention.

But, in all honesty, the first one hundred and twenty hours have only been filled with self reflection, trepidation, fear and anxiety. My demons haunt my thoughts with inability, dread, and failure.
I  list out things to do to occupy myself over the next couple of months.
Set Goals.
I’ve never had this much freedom.
I’m paralyzed.

3 Replies to “120 hours”

  1. Thanks Dicky. The new work adventure won't begin until 2012, so until then I have nothing but pure, unadulterated time on my hands.

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