But everything the white man taught
you, you learned. He told you you 
    were a black heathen and you believed 
   him. He told you how he took you out 
 of darkness and brought you to the 
     light. And you believed him. He taught 
you to worship a blond, blue-eyed
God with white skin -- and you 
   believed him. He told you black was 
  a curse, you believed him. Did you 
             ever look up the word black in the dictionary?
 Websters Dictionary definition of  BLACK :
Black, (blak), adj. Destitute of 
                         light, devoid of color, enveloped in 
                         darkness. Hence, utterly dismal or 
                         gloomy, as "the future looked black."
Soiled with dirt, foul; sullen, 
                         hostile, forbidding -- as a black 
                         day. Foully or outrageously wicked, 
                         as black cruelty. Indicating disgrace, 
                         dishonor or culpability.
See also blackmail, blackball, 
Websters Dictionary definition of  WHITE :
White (whit), adj. Of the color of 
                         pure snow; reflecting all the rays 
                         of the spectrum. The opposite of 
                         black, hence free from spot or 
                         blemish; innocent, pure, without 
                         evil intent, harmless. Honest, square-
                         dealing, honorable.

Wench, bring my ale, what say you?

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