You could feel the magic in the air from the moment one awoke. Special light was seeping in through the windows from the sunrise. Today I venture out, once again, to try and find the hidden Hopi cave located somewhere in the Sedona Vortex. I find a dirt road and start hiking, exploring, wandering….wandering….wandering….alone in the high desert.

I listen to the silence as I aimlessly go, searching the sagebrush hills, but to no avail. The Hopi cave remains a mystery to me. No matter though, as the daylight has rejuvenated my soul, filling me with a warmth I’ve not had for quite awhile.

After a full day on horse and deer trails, I make my way to the sleepy town of Clarkdale in the Verde Valley. My accommodations for the evening is a yurt somewhere down by the river. The directions let me know that it is just past a shanty hoarder town. Rumbling along the dusty road, I see the hoarders. No reason to be fearful, it’s just their lifestyle. An old man gives me a nod as I pass by. The yurt is just a few yards beyond in the Cottonwood trees. I settle in as the sunset paints the sky in brilliant orange and fire pink hues.

A water jug for drinking, a lantern to read by as night closes in. Even as the moon and stars come out, the light is still beyond comparison.

I’m treated to a sunrise that lights my soul with wonder. No matter how dark some future days may become, I can always think back to this day of perfect light and it brightens my disposition.

Wench, bring my ale, what say you?

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