So I had a pretty busy Saturday. Started out by participating in the North Salt Lake 5K fun run at hatch Park at 8am. This would be my third 5k this year. I’ve been slacking lately on keeping me in shape, so my expectations were to just finish this run without any major injury or embarrassing fall. Completed the run in just over 35 min, sweet! Made it home to shower, down a DC, and then it was off to the West Bountiful 4th of July parade. Good times had by Emily, Mom, Aaron, Syd, and Cedar.

After the parade, i found out that Darin and Janae were putting up a shed in their backyard. Not wanting them to go without help, I called and volunteered my afternoon. Besides, I haven’t been out their house in forever, and I wanted to see Janae’s latest house projects, as she is so creative.
Aaron, Dad, Mom, and myself get out there to help, and 5 hours laters, severals quarts of sweat excreted in the 100 degree heat, many water bottles consumed, and some good papa john’s pizza, we had the shed about 75% done ( i hope) but had to call it quits as the heat was just kicking our trash.

Wench, bring my ale, what say you?

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