As I was traveling towards Gustavus, Alaska, I had the literary tales of Hemingway’s ‘Old Man and the Sea’, Melville’s ‘Moby Dick’, and Jack London’s ‘Call of the Wild’ running thru my brain. Envisioning these stories though did not come close to my actual adventure, and I’m so grateful that I was able to share this experience of a lifetime with jared. Being in such a place of exquisite beauty was simply amazing. Imagine, if you can, being on a fishing charter boat similar to that out of the movie “JAWS”, having humpback whales, sea lions and sea otters surround you, and Jellyfish slowly passing by your boat as you are dropping 3 pound weights down around 200 feet of icy glacier water, hoping to catching some prehistoric fish from the depths of the Pacific ocean. If you can, then you have a glimpse of the fantastic adventure we enjoyed while spending three glorious days fishing in Glacier Bay.
One of my favorite pic’s. This is no joke, I thought I was going in the water….
But on day two, I was getting the hang of it, and could even see myself as an actual Fisherman (not really)
Jared showing off this beauty Halibut from our first day of fishing. Great start to a great week!
All 4 of us with my biggest catch of the week. All 140 pounds of pure halibut tastiness.
Jared working his mad fishing skills to bring in his big one.

Wench, bring my ale, what say you?

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