A & K tie the knot

My brother finally found someone that truly makes him happy, and got married on August 23rd. I wasnt able to attend the wedding, but luckily they had the wedding reception last weekend, so I had a quick trip home to Utah to meet my new Sister-in-Law for the first time, and see the rest of our growing family.

From left to right…Crazy legs, Kath, me and Aaz.

It was a beautiful night, full of love and joy, just like a wedding reception should be. I was also able to see my newest niece Summer for the first time, and connect with my other nieces and nephew.

Before I knew it, Sunday morning was here and I was back at the airport. Less than twenty fours hours in Utah, but all the hugs from family members made it totally worth it.

I am full of love until I see them again in November.

Wench, bring my ale, what say you?

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